Esn-O – “Ensemble-0.1” (EP)

Ens-O is a music duo devoted to the creation of sound and visual landscapes that, while characterised by their own structures and styles, maintain an intrinsic capacity for change and contamination.

The name of the project is both an abbreviation of the words “ensemble zero” and a reference to the peculiar Japanese pictorial form of the ensō.
While the first reference recalls the creation “from scratch” of sonic and visual material, the second recalls performing arts insofar as each work is inextricably linked to the present moment, and therefore never the same as its subsequent or previous iterations.

Their work is therefore a synthesis between the creation of structured pieces and a very free relationship with the available material, thus maintaining freedom of movement and improvisation. Moreover, the use of rhythmic and melodic layers is not just a creative feature adopted for the production of the “Ensemble-0.1” EP, but is part of the methodology with which Ens-O approach their live sets.

The four tracks that make up this EP are the result of this workflow, a sort of crystallisation of some improvisations that, over time, have been structured and refined in a continuous process that ended with the last finishing touches in post-production.

“Ensemble-0.1” is the first EP by Ens-O and has been mixed and mastered by Carlo Nardi at SoundMusicProduction studio in Trento.

Ens-O – “Lvl-Up”
Ens-O – “Beyond Old Infrared Neon Emotions, Part One”

The album can be listened to or purchased on Bandcamp:

“Ensemble-0.1” on Bandcamp