Les Jeux Sont Funk – “Bassman” (live)

Les Jeux Sont Funk recorded a session video a la Tiny Desk and here they are performing their original song “Bassman”.

A few months ago Les Jeux Sont Funk did a live recording of four new songs, including their first two singles for Color Red. For the occasion, they reunited the band to perform at Centro Musica Trento.

Of these four tracks, “Bassman” is quite clearly indebted to the tradition that spans from Parliament-Funkadelic to Zapp, though Bootsy’s Rubber Band and other earthly incarnations of the P-Funk cosmology. In short, it is LJSF’s praise and tribute to all the funky bass players in the known and unknown universe, including their own incomparable Mr. B. (Michele Bazzanella).

There is nothing like a groovy bassline that can free your mind and make you move as if the world was ending tomorrow (which, besides, might happen sooner than we think if we don’t freaking do something quick to protect the environment).

Shanthi Kumari Roat: vocals
Greta Marcolongo: vocals
Emiliano Tamanini: trumpet
Marco Pisoni: tenor sax
Lorenzo Sighel: alto sax
Carlo Nardi: guitar, talk box, synth, flute
Maurizio Brugnara: keyboards
Michele Bazzanella: bass guitar
Stefano Malchiodi: drums

Recording engineer: Niccolò Conti
Mixing engineer: Carlo Nardi @ SoundMusicProduction
Video by Lorenzo Covi @ AloVideo

The band’s warmest thanks to Centro Musica, Valerio De Paola, Alberto Brodesco, Monica Condini (MoniQue Foto), Anne Leinen, Giovanni Ciresa, and Color Red Music.