Les Jeux Sont Funk – “Run”

The music video of Run borrows its images from the Indian film Aadmi (1968), masterfully crafted by cinematographer Faredoon A. Irani, also known for Indian blockbusters Andaz and Mother India. Run’s visuals, alienated from their original context and adapted to the new narrative, still preserve some of Bollywood’s classic clichés: wooing scenes in a pristine landscape, lavish weddings, a love triangle, and a staircase in a princely house. On the other hand, the song lyrics deal with such tragic themes as discrimination and sexual harassment. The protagonists find themselves unaware inside this new drama: Waheeda Rehman, who embodies Elisa Amistadi’s voice in Run, would just like to enjoy her life in peace but she cannot ever let down her guard, since she has to disentangle herself from her two suitors, Dilip Kumar and Manoj Kumar. She wants to run carefree down a gentle slope or along the bed of a river, but instead she has to run for her life.

Video by Carlo Nardi with footage from Aadmi (India 1968)
Music by Les Jeux Sont Funk
(P) 2016 Irma Records