unibzVoices virtual Christmas concert 2020

unibzVoices is the official choral ensemble of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. The choir, now in its third year of existence, continues to grow from year to year, offering a choral experience to students and contributing to their artistic development. The choir’s repertoire focuses on a wide variety of genres and styles, from classical choral works to popular music and folk songs. The choir aims to enrich the lives not only of the choristers, but also of the audience and the community at large.

unibzVoices conducted by Johann van der Sandt
Electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and tenor saxophone: Carlo Nardi
Djembe: Janthé van der Sandt and Nelu van der Sandt
Piano in “iJesu Christi”: Johann van der Sandt
Arranged by Johann van der Sandt
Mixed and mastered by Carlo Nardi @ SoundMusicProduction
Video by Carlo Nardi


unibzVoices – “Clap Your Hands and Sing!”
unibzVoices – “Weihnacht ist auch für mich”
unibzVoices – “Babethandaza”
unibzVoices – “Aya Ngena”
unibzVoices – “iJesu Christi”