Wuhan Wuhan – “Otto mani”

In the past months we have been working, as Les Jeux Sont Funk, on a side project called Wuhan Wuhan (pronounced wuːˈhæn wuːˈhæn). This gave us the opportunity to leave our comfort zone and delve deep into one of our favourite music genres – hip hop. Of course, the musical outcome is still significantly indebted to Les Jeux Sont Funk’s style – after all, we have solemnly sworn to funk the whole funk and nothing but the funk. Yet, Wuhan Wuhan allowed us to develop in new directions, which might disorient our regular audience. So, here you’ll find some (or much, depending on your taste) electronic music and jazz plus an assortment of influences from Asian and North African musics.

Wuhan Wuhan – “Otto mani”

In Wuhan Wuhan’s first single, entitled “Otto mani”, LJSF’s alto saxophonist Lorenzo Sighel puts all his rapping talent to good use (something that he has done in the past with the band Got It). It’s not just about his lyric flow, but also the surprising word juxtapositions that Lorenzo throws as curved balls, painting the world around us as we have never seen it.

As Les Jeux Sont Funk we produced and performed the beats for this single and other songs that are coming soon. So stay tuned!


Lorenzo Sighel: vocals, alto sax
Michele Bazzanella: bass guitar, sound effects
Carlo Nardi: electric guitar, tenor sax, keyboards, programming

Produced by Les Jeux Sont Funk
Mixing and audio mastering: Carlo Nardi @ SoundMusicProduction.com

More links to listen to “Otto mani”: