Granfranco Baffato – „Bendati sui dirupi“

Granfranco Baffato
„Bendati sui dirupi“ (Apocalypse Bau / La Ostia / Les Jeux Sont Funk 2018)

Granfranco Baffato’s debut album, Bendati sui Dirupi, is finally out!

[Leider ist noch keine deutsche Version dieser Seite verfügbar, es tut mir Leid!]

After years of voluntary withdrawal from the scenes, pleasing himself and wondering about the most intimate secrets of existence, the former drummer and founder of Supercanifradiciadespiaredosi returns more mature than ever, carrying the synthesis of a bizarre work made of discipline and Turkish baths, introspection and Somali cuisine.

Lovingly borrowed from Les Jeux Sont Funk, the refined and disruptive Ciro Nagasaki, who took care of sounds and arrangements, and Mr. B, the bass player you would like to have in your band, collaborated on the album.

As a special guest, the cosmological Brodolfo Sgangangan of Supercanifradiciadespiaredosi gave birth to dignity by pounding the bass in „Sirob“, a piece on pure creativity, dedicated to his most fertile alter ego.

Crucially, O’Lindo Desdel Boom took care of the cover and the graphics, succeeding in transposing the untranslatable into images.

Twelve tragicomic tracks of energy badly imploding on itself, to the point that one gladly listens to the break between one song and another. An unlimited apology for failure. Music without understatements, which enchants.



Granfranco Baffato: vocals, drums, synths, guitars
Mr. B: bass
Ciro Nagasaki: guitars, saz, tenor sax, flute, percussions, keyboards, programming
Brodolfo Sgangan: bass in „Sirob“

Recorded by Les Jeux Sont Funk
Mixing and mastering: Carlo Nardi @ SoundMusicProduction
Design and artwork: O’Lindo Desdel Boom @ Grafiche Paura