Granfranco Baffato – „Granchi“

New video by Italian iconoclast artist Granfranco Baffato. The theme of the song „Granchi“ (crabs) is a vivid recollection of the uncomfortable experience of going on vacation to the seaside as a teenager. Period footage about Riccione and the Riviera romagnola is intermingled with more or less conventional images from the 80s and appearances of strange creatures encountered at sea.

Band credits:
Granfranco Baffato: vocals, synth
Mr. B: bass guitar, synth
Ciro Nagasaki: electric guitars
Ludovico Canefolto: drums

Production credits:
Video shooting: MoniQue Foto
Video concept: Eleonora Morassut
Video editing: Enfunk Terrible at SoundMusicProduction
Live recording: 2 Nuts On A Rock
Mixing: Carlo Nardi at SoundMusicProduction
Audio mastering: Giacomo Plotegher