Granfranco Baffato – „La disperazione della fame“

[Keine deutsche Übersetzung, es tut mir Leid!]

„La disperazione della fame“ (The despair of hunger) is a song about selfishness – something that, to some degree, is familiar to almost all of us. It must be said that the protagonist of this song is particularly petty. Pride and lust lead him to invite a vegan girl to dinner, however, being a cheapskate, he does not take her to one of those trendy places. He takes her to a trattoria instead. There, as soon as the waiter has finished listing the day’s specials, our main character gives in to gluttony by choosing a meat dish, knowing very well that this will prevent him from scoring that night.

In this song, the protagonist personifies a form of hubris that, if we think about it well, typifies the contemporary world in many ways: in order to prove to be masters of their own destiny and at the cost of abusing others, we might as well blow it all, to the detriment of everyone: mors tua, mors mea. As another track on the album „Bendati sui dirupi“ repeatedly points out, „every action is a failure“.

Video: Enfunk Terrible
Musik: Granfranco Baffato
Aufgenommen und produziert von Les Jeux Sont Funk
Aus dem Album „Bendati sui dirupi“ (Apocalypse Bau / La Ostia / Les Jeux Sont Funk 2018)
Credits: Granfranco Baffato > Gesang, Schlagzeug, Synthesizer | Mr. B > Bassgitarre | Ciro Nagasaki > E-Gitarren

The video contains footage recorded during Trierer Weihnachtsmarkt 2019.