„Il salto | The leap“ (Soundtrack, Cinevox Record)

This album features the original soundtrack of the documentary film «Il Salto / The Leap». Andrea Andreotti, with whom I have already collaborated in several documentaries for the film company FilmWork, is the director and producer. The film tells twelve stories of as many migrants who live in Trento. More precisely, it gives voice to those who live the migrant experience on their skin (sometime literally) without trying to impose an interpretation on these very personal experiences.

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After a first private screening, the official premiere of the documentary, promoted by the association Il Gioco degli Specchi, has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 emergency. My hope is that the film will manage to reach the public anyway and gain the attention that it deserves.

I then submitted the score to some labels specialised in film music. The first to reply was, to my great honour, Cinevox Record. As a music lover, it has always been among my favourite labels, as its catalogue features some of the greatest Italian composers of film music – Morricone, Umiliani, Piccioni, Nicolai, Cipriani, Goblin, just to mention a few.

Last spring I fiddled with the pieces that I had composed for the film. For each of the protagonists I had initially conceived a theme with some variations. While working on these pieces, I imagined to be in a musical dialogue with the protagonists of the documentary, as if the music sprung from this virtual encounter.

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Due to directing choices, as it often happens, not all the original themes were included in the final version of the documentary. Nonetheless, the album includes most of the themes. I could have put aside the themes that had not made it into the film and recycle them for another occasion. However, I have noticed that this very rarely works, since music compositions retain an indissoluble bond with the project they have been conceived for.

Carlo Nardi – “Il salto | The leap” (Cinevox Record 2020)

Carlo Nardi: electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, keyboards, bağlama saz, flute, tenor sax, percussions, programming.

Recording, mixing and audio mastering: Carlo Nardi @ SoundMusicProduction

Cover image taken from a film frame of «Il salto | The leap», directed and produced by Andrea Andreotti (Fire Escape, Bava’s Tuesday & FilmWork 2019).

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